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FP series high-voltage power-supply module is specially designed for laser radar device working in the harsh environment. Our high-voltage power-supply module (laser ranging power supply) has been used in many weapons such as missile-borne, vessel-borne and vehicle-borne weapons. It has also been adopted by some ultrasonic electric devices as high-voltage supply for ultrasonic transmitting system.

Related Information
  • Name:FP Series
    Category:Laser radar high voltage power supply
    Types:High voltage power supply
    Output voltage:0~±400V
    Input voltage:5V,7V,12V,15V,±15V
    Operating temperatur:0℃~+50℃,-20℃~+85℃,-55℃~+125℃,-55℃~+150℃,-55℃~+175℃
    Mechanical dimension:L:33.0MM × W:22.0MM × H:7.8MM
    Output polarity:positive,negative

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